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Your business is everything.

The EmployerOne is a survey conducted every year by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board. The survey questions are influenced by our partners, over 30 local organizations, to better understand the needs of our locally owned businesses.

With your responses, we can begin to understand the actual needs of our local employers. With this information, we can develop programs and other initiatives to try and resolve some of the workforce challenges that directly affect your business. 


The EmployerOne serves Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties and the Cities of London and St. Thomas. The survey asks questions about employers’ current workforce, hires and separations, recruitment methods as well as education, and skills and training needs.

The EmployerOne Survey...

  • Is a helpful program development planning tool

  • Helps us to support you in a way you actually need/want

  • Helps identify skills shortages

  • Informs the community about their workforce needs

  • Is a confidential, once-a-year survey

  • Is for businesses big and small

  • Can be completed by business owners, hiring managers, and employers

“The survey gives very valuable information on hiring patterns, skill and labour gaps, and more that can provide very relevant local labour market information. We can then use that data to inform clients around career choices, second career and job opportunities,” Jeff Surridge, CEO of Community Employment Services - Oxford.

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